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Our Mission

The mission of The Equity Cypher is to provide comprehensive anti-racist, anti-sexist, and anti-homophobic services and programs that prioritize the experiences of individuals and the responsibilities of communities. Our goal is to assist schools and organizations in understanding and embracing equity, resulting in a transformative culture of inclusivity.

Our Story

A cypher is a circle where people come together to create something beautiful. Cyphers have existed in different forms for centuries, but the modern cypher grew up with Hip Hop over 50 years ago. Emcees would gather in a circle to freestyle rap with each other, often going in a circle picking up where the last emcee left off. At times they would battle but more often than not emcees would build off of each other and come to cyphers to sharpen their skills. You would see young rappers coming to practice skills or rhymes they had been working on in their room. The cypher was where you learned if you had found something good or if it still needed sharpening. Rappers used cyphers to process the world, their surroundings, and the inequities they faced as Black and Latinx people. They also used them to teach history, financial stability and love. In the early days Hip Hop thrived in the cypher because the cypher was about community. And when the community needed revolution, the cypher was where it began. 


This is why we use the concept of the "cypher" to guide our work. Cyphers aren't  about judgement, they are about improvement. They are about seeking guidance and support when you need to solve a particularly challenging problem. That's where we come in. Equity work has been a core focus for schools and companies for a while now, but after the murder of George Floyd many organizations rushed into signifying they believed in equity, but many places lacked the leadership or knowhow to confront some of their most challenging issues. Inequity is often foundational and those who built the foundation often struggle to recognize the cracks. At the Equity Cypher our goal is partnership with organizations in service of equitable practices, policies, and people. We partner to train people and organizations on how to recognize, confront and repair both current and historical inequities within their institution. 


We do this with a keen understanding that high level equity work is also high level relationship building. Therefore our approach to DEI consulting is highly collaborative and customized to meet the specific needs of each school or organization we work with. We offer a range of services, from equity assessments and policy reviews to training programs and program management/development. We believe that building authentic relationships is key to creating a sense of belonging and promoting equity in schools and organizations. Our mission is to help you create a culture of belonging that empowers all members of your community to thrive. Whether you're just starting your equity journey or looking to deepen your commitment to this work, we are here to support you and stand inside the Cypher with you.


Equity is beautiful.

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